If you’re sitting there wondering why life is so bad, you are not alone. We all have bad days that feel like we’re having a bad life. Life is a story full of dramas. How the dramas unfold is up to you. You can play a role in the story, or you can distance yourself from the undue dramas. Sometimes when you are in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried. But actually, you’ve been planted, awaiting to sprout, grow, and bloom. I challenge you to take the first step and change your input, so you can weed out all the negativity harboring in your mind. Positivity is your weed killer. This is a space where you will find mostly best selling self improvement books (books that I’ve personally read/listened) that have helped me get rid of my mental toxin, and empowered me to excel. I hope they can do the same for you. 


Still Be You - by Megan Chan (my book)

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is? Do you feel stuck or slaved to something that makes you unhappy and depressed? Well, that was me for many years, until I went on a self-help journey at the beginning of 2018.

I’ve always considered myself as a strong woman - a rock, a fighter, a nurturer, a caregiver, a problem solver, and an uplifter. Someone that adds value to society. I used to view problems as challenges for me to learn something new and grow from. However, after being psychologically abused by people at my job for several years, I saw challenges as problems. After years of being devalued and voiceless, this rock cracked and shattered into pieces with nowhere to turn. I felt ashamed that this fighter was in shambles. But I knew I needed help, so I turned to self-help. This book is the result of what I learned in my one plus year self-help journey. I wanted to write this book for those (like I was) who are stuck in a black hole. Or for the people whose life is at a standstill and are in need of some direction. 

This is an easy-to-read short story about my journey as a multipotentialite, my path of Fs (Farm, Foreigner, Fashion, Finance, Freedom), my pain and suffering caused by corporate psychological abuse, and the wisdom I learned in my one plus year self-help journey.

The ten principles (timeless wisdom) in this book have served as my compass to navigate out of depression, fueled me to turn poison into passion, and guided me to follow my path. I hope this book can act as your companion in times of distress, and be your guide to finding your path.   

The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey

The Path Made Clear - by Oprah Winfrey

In this book, Oprah brings you her personal stories along with insights from an array of famous individuals on how they found their path and what living with purpose means to them. What I gathered from this books is that everyone has a purpose. Purpose is dynamic, not static. The world tells you what you should be, but your life really belongs to you. You need to get still, declutter your mental space, and pay attention to your roots. Life is always speaking to you in small voices. Listen to what the small inner voice (your intuition) is telling you. Trust in yourself that you can hear that inner voice, and be willing to stand alone. Your challenges and struggles are seeds to identifying your path. Life is about taking small steps one at a time. Life is a process of constant unfolding and evolving. Be self-aware, understand your strengths and weaknesses. Your self-worth is your job. You are responsible for cultivating it. Associate with the wise, and you will become wise yourself. Have vision and believe with your whole heart that you are capable of achieving your goal. Talk to the vision, and do your vision every single day. Move pass your fears as fear is a powerful roadblock. Give it your all, and let it go. Don’t get attach to the outcome. Keep moving forward and allow life to live through you. Don’t talk yourself out of your destiny. And don’t let money govern your choices. Your material things will pass and change with time. Your true treasure is who you are and what you were meant to share with the world. Just be yourself, but be all of you. The goal is to be whole. 


Mindset - by Carol S. Dweck Ph.D.

Have you ever wondered why people react so differently to life situations? Why one might see a challenge as an “end to all”, while another views it as an opportunity to learn and grow from? In this book, Carol Dweck talks about the two mindsets - Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. She also provides many examples of real life experiences on how these two mindsets can affect our relationships at home, school, or business settings. People with a fixed mindset believe our personality is carved-in stones, and cannot be changed. This type of mindset holds people back from their full potential. They distort and magnify situations, and are in constant pursuit to prove themselves. However, individuals with a growth mindset believe basic qualities can be cultivated through their efforts. They turn failure into a gift. This kind of thinking liberates them to pursue their passion. As our own believes can guide and dictate our life, it is crucial that we evaluate our mindset so we can learn to fulfill our potential.